Print formats: Inserts

In the weekly IZ it is possible to enclose inserts in a format between 105x148 mm and a maximum of 350x240 mm. The inserts must have a closed spine and the fold should be on the long side. The maximum product thickness is 8 mm and the maximum weight is 50g per copy.

The costs for inserts per 1,000 copies are as follows
Weight up to 25 g - 400 euros
Weight up to 30 g - 410 euros
Weight up to 35 g - 420 euros
Weight up to 40 g - 430 euros
Weight up to 45 g - 440 euros
Weight up to 50 g - 450 Euro
Weight from 50 g - only possible on request in consultation with the printing company

Please note:
- Only the complete print run can be booked, selective inserts are not possible.
- Inserts must be delivered in printed form.
- Inserts may not contain advertising content from other companies (third parties).
- Inserts are not discountable.
- Special formats that cannot be inserted by machine can be requested from the printing company.
- Folded inserts must be processed in cross-fold, wrap-around or centre-fold.
- Please send us advance copies by post or as a PDF by e-mail to:
- Our printing company only accepts deliveries with a delivery note.

Advertising and print material deadline: 2 weeks before publication date

Delivery: 7 working days before publication date

You can find the technical specifications here.

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