Print formats: Title ads

Immediately in the eye of the beholder: our title ads. These are prominently placed advertising spaces on the front pages of the weekly IZ edition. They can be booked in various formats for the title of the general and regional sections of the newspaper.

Important: Title ads in the general section can only be booked in series for the entire calendar year. The regional section can be booked flexibly.

Title strip G: We currently need the print ad in 267x100mm format, as Swiss Post requires the area at the bottom left of the title page for the address field. For the ePaper, you can send us a PDF in the full 325x100mm format.

  • Publication frequency: Weekly on Thursdays, ePaper already on Wednesday evening in the IZ App
  • Advertising and print material deadline: Wednesday of the previous week
  • Print material to:
  • Specifications: You can find the technical specifications here
  • Terms of payment and discounts: All information can be found in our basic price list.

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