Data Delivery: Info on the trade fair newspap...

Info on the trade fair newspaper and trade fair planner

Paper size: 231 mm width x 325 mm height
Number of columns: 4 columns à 54 mm
Printing process: Newspaper web offset

Data delivery
Print PDF incl. target URL for linking in the ePaper, quoting the order number, by the
deadline to:

Technical specifications Fair Newspaper and Fair Planner
Data format
PDFx3. Open data by arrangement

Image resolution
300 dpi (at least 200 dpi)

Printing material
Preparation of the print documents in the final format and without crop marks.

Fonts must be embedded in the PDF file or converted to paths. White text should be at least 7pt if the background is multicoloured and should not be light cut, otherwise 6 pt (print colour black, overprint mode) is sufficient.

CMYK, Euroscale. Colour profile ISOnewspaper26v4.icc ( Black text in 100 % black.

Line width at least 0.25 pt. For white lines on coloured background at least 0.4 pt.

QR Code
Layout in b/w (not in 4c and not as "copy and paste").

Ink application
Maximum 260 %. Tonal value increase: A 50 % tone of the original (black) receives an increase of about 26 % through the offset printing process. Tonal value range: 3 - 90 %. (The instructions for correcting an excessively high ink application can be found here).

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